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For yours, your pet’s and the other guest’s comfort, we invite you to check and respect the following pet policies:

• The charge per pet in the room is $ 48.00 USD during your stay.

• Upon your reservation we beg you to notify in advance that you’re traveling with your pet, as well as the information regarding it.

• We allow dogs of up to 44 pounds, excepting guide dogs.

• Your dog must have an updated vaccination card.

• To leave or enter the hotel facilities, you must keep your pet restrained with a collar and leash.

• Inside the hotel there’s no area that your dog can use to leave its wastes, which is the reason why you must take it outside the hotel, always cleaning after it finishes.

• The dog’s owner has the obligation of keeping it in the right hygienic conditions.

• The owner is responsible for any damage caused by the dog to third persons and/or furnishings and staff of the hotel.

• Your room won’t be cleaned while your dog is inside it.

• Once the animal leaves the room, we ask you to notify the staff of the hotel so they can start the cleaning.

• The dog is not allowed to climb and seat on the sofas and furniture.

• We beg you to avoid the use of plates, glasses and other utensils of the hotel to feed your pet.

• Do not bath your pet in the showers and do not use the towels of the hotel to dry it.

• As a dog owner you must leave a cell phone number to be able to contact you while you’re away, in case the animal is alone and causes disturbances to other guests or it needs your attention.

• It’s no allowed, for no reason at all, to leave the pet alone in the hotel.

• The cost of any damage caused by your pet during the stay at the hotel will be charged.

• Pets are not allowed to sleep on the furnishings of the room or the hotel.

• The space and tranquility of the other guests has to be respected.

• These rules are made so we can all enjoy the best experience. In case of not respecting these policies, the Management reserves the right to suspend the service to the pet owners.

• Only one pet per room is allowed. Every pet must bring its own bed and cage. • All pets must be ALWAYS under their owner’s supervision.

• At the moment of the check in you must sign this document accepting the conditions. We appreciate the attention to these rules and we hope you have a nice stay in our hotel.

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